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Occupational risk

Occupational risk

Occupational risks are the probability of undesirable work-related events occurring that may cause negative health effects in workers as a result of occupational hazards present in the work environment or related to the way the work is performed.

Art. 226 of the Labour Code:

Employer shall:

1) evaluate and provide documentation on any professional risk connected with the work performed, and must apply necessary preventative measures decreasing the risk;

2) inform employees about any professional risk related to the work performed, as well as on the principles of protection against dangers.

The evaluation and  documentation  of occupational risks  at each job position  shall be conducted by the employer.  The occupational health and safety department participates in this process. Informing the employee of the occupational risks should take place before the employee is allowed to work during the initial safety and health training – job briefing. The employee acknowledges by signing a document that they have been informed of work-related risks which should be included in the personnel file of that individual employee.

Description of the RISC SCORE risk assessment method

Occupational risk assessment card for employees of the University of Gdansk



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